What the fuck do you do ... and how much do you charge?

I'm doing some research for a project and need some basic numbers for a budget. I don't have time for "a conversation." I just need to know if you can do what I need done, and how much you charge. Seems simple, right? 

Enter the amateur user-experience hell. Vague. Opaque. Useless websites.


How many times have you visited a website that leaves you wondering what the fuck does this person actually do? Worse - how many times have you found a service you think you're interested in, but the website is completely void of pricing information? Or even a phone number?

According to noted designer Jakob Nielsen, one of the biggest user-experience mistakes businesses make is playing games with your site visitors. From bullshit made-up FAQs that never include the obvious "how much does it cost?," to demands for personal email information before any credibility or trust is established – today's website visitors see right through that 90's style obfuscation. 

This tactic ignores the basic premise that you must meet the customer where they are. Right now, they're at your website wondering if you even provide an actual service and how much it costs.

In a few seconds they'll be gone.